The Historical City Of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, the most popular place in Croatia

Dubrovnik is a beautifully maintained walled city on the Adriatic Sea coast, south of Croatia. While its population is under 40,000, it’s one of the Mediterranean’s most prominent tourist resorts and, since 1979, has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. “Pearl of the Adriatic” is the nickname of Dubrovnik, who’s biggest industry is tourism. Dubrovnik (Latin: Ragusa) was developed on maritime trade. During the Middle Ages, it turned into the lone city-state in the Adriatic, rivaling Venice. Supported by its skilled diplomacy and wealth, the city accomplished an astonishing development level in the 15th and 16th centuries. Also, Dubrovnik was one of the development centers of Croatian literature and language; and home to several renowned playwrights, poets, mathematicians, painters, physicists, and other scholars.

These days, Dubrovnik is Croatia’s most popular tourist attraction. Its gorgeous Mediterranean town make it a go-to vacation spot for many travelers. Dubrovnik was once a republic that was independent and its inhabitants used trade to survive. It endured century after century and its territory was regularly faced with threats, especially from Venice and the mighty Ottoman Empire. By the time the 19th century came around, celebrities were visiting Dubrovnik often.

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City Walls

Operation hours: 8 am to 5:30 pm. The cost to enter is HRK30 for kids, HRK120 for adults. There is a 70% discount for students with valid identification. Though they don’t accept euros, payment can be made with credit cards. Hold on to your ticket as it will be your pass to access Fort Lovrijenac (close to Pile Gate). Go for a stroll around the old town and take in all the sights it has to offer. Late afternoon or early morning is the optimal time to visit the walls as the heat can be overwhelming in the summer. Make sure you buy your tickets with a timetable in mind as it can take almost an hour to walk the whole wall. 2km-long city walls surround Dubrovnik. There are a few entrances: by Fort Saint John’s, on Stradun by the Pile gate, and at the Custom’s House gate.


As of late, people have been visiting Dubrovnik because the popular show, “Game of Thrones” was filmed there. Scenes taking place in ‘Qarth’, ‘Kings Landing’, and other fictitious cities are filmed in the Old Town and have been since 2012. Most scenes were shot on the City Walls, as well as Fort Lovrijenac and the small beach and pier in the cove under it. Also, look for the main street in Dubrovnik or Rector’s Palace staircase from Stradun. Enjoy a walk and have a drink at one of the old town’s cafes.

For a splendid view of the town, check out Mount Srđ. A fortress and small historical museum lie on top of it. There are a few ways to get up the fortress: Walk up the winding footpath to the fortress and big hilltop cross 400m above Dubrovnik. From the old town, it’s about a 90-minute walk. Although you won’t find a signature, you can ask the locals for directions (most of which will instruct you to use the cable car). It’s a particularly rocky path so ensure you have your hiking shoes on. From this path, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the old town and the sea. When you reach the panoramic terrace, you’ll find that the view isn’t as beautiful as what you take in during your journey to it. When taking the renovated cable car, you’ll go from Down station to Mountain Srđ in 4 minutes or less. A round trip ticket costs 100 kn. Plan to arrive there early as there will be a wait time during the peak season, with minimal shade from the scorching sun.