The City Of Sibenik

The Croatian City Sibenik

Sibenik, City
The city of Šibenik is located on the Croatian coast, approximately 80 km north of Split. Because of its placement in the deep bay, it has one of the Adriatic coast’s most naturally protected harbors. Although Šibenik isn’t as much of a tourist attraction as Split or Dubrovnik is, the city has its own characteristics and enjoyable aspects. The environment in Šibenik is lively and youthful. Small streets bring you to alluring squares where stylish store windows blend in with the fine architecture of centuries past.

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Šibenik’s cathedral, known as Sveti Jakov, is a place every tourist should visit. Constructed in 1434, the cathedral is an architectural Renaissance landmark in Croatia, as listed by UNESCO World Heritage. The cathedral resides in the old area of Šibenik beneath the town’s fortress walls. This cathedral was created with marble and limestone from Croatia’s Island of Brac. Renowned Croatian stone masters Nikola Firentinac and Juraj Dalmatinac supervised the building process. One of the marvels of the Dalmatian Coast, Šibenik’s cathedral is a must-see, as are the churches of St. Fran and St. Barbara, the town hall, and several town squares, fortresses, palaces, and churches scattered around the city.

Between the last week of June and the first week of July, Šibenik hosts the International Children’s Festival. During the second half of August, you can participate in the Summer Organ School and the Šibenik Summer. On July 25th, the Day of St. James commemorates the city’s patron saint. The closest airports are Zadar and Split. They regularly deploy a bus service to Šibenik.

Šibenik Archipelago

In Šibenik’s vicinity, you’ll find the Adriatic Aquatorium, which is comprised of an archipelago of approximately 250 islands that expand 160 square km along the coast. Surprisingly, only six of these islands are populated with residents – about 7.5 thousand people live there. Because of its low population, Šibenik Archipelago can be fun to visit if you enjoy beauty, isolation, and untouched nature. You can use public transportation to get to these islands. Islands in the archipelago housing permanent residents connect via daily ferries from nearby islands, in addition to Brodarica, Šibenik, and Vodice on the mainland.

Islands in Šibenik Archipelago

Kaprije Island – Occupying only 9.5 square km, this island is flush with weekend vacationers from local coastal towns.
Krapanj Island – Croatia’s most populated small island is beloved for its conventional sea sponge harvesting industry.
The island is bridged by a Krapanj ferry port with scheduled passenger ferry rides to Brodarica port/village on the mainland of Croatia.
Murter Island – The biggest island in Šibenik archipelago is bridged by a connection to the mainland.
Prvic Island – Occupying a mere 2.5 square kilometers, Prvic has a pair of settlements: Sepurine and Prvic Luka.
A favorite island for tourists, it comes with a unique lively cafe and hotel.
Zirje Island – Occupying approximately 15.5 square kilometers, this beautiful island is full of historic ruins and mesmerizing beaches.
Zlarin Island – Occupying approximately 8 square kilometers, Zlarin is renowned for its lovely beaches, pine trees, and coral harvesting traditions.