The City Of Biograd na Moru

The Croatian Coastal City Of Biograd na Moru (Biograd at the Sea)

Biograd, Croatia
Located on the Dalmatian Coast, Biograd is a hybrid of modern amenities and rich history. Its locale makes Biograd an ideal settling point for trips to other areas. If you come to Biograd in the summertime, it’s worth your while to book a resort hotel beachside.

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The City Of Biograd na Moru – Photo Gallery

Approximately 6000 people live on the Croatian Riviera in the small city of Biograd an Moru. Based approximately 290 km south of Zagreb, the town name translates to “white town on the sea” in English. It’s history traces back to the 10th century as it was founded by Croatian Kings. Crownings commenced shortly after Biograd’s development. For centuries, the town has inhabited by the Dukes of Cetina and the Knights Templar. In 1409, Biograd was claimed by the Venetian Republic. In 1521, while the Venetian-Turkish wars were taking place, the town was torn down. About 80 years later, the town as burned to a crisp. Today, about 5259 Croatians call this seaside resort home, which rests comfortably along the Adriatic.

Upon visiting Croatia, you’ll discover National Parks, as Biograd an Moru is centered among a quartet of them. The town is situated between Plitvice, Kornati, Krka, and Paklenica. You’ll find it in the middle of Zadar and Šibenik in Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. The original hotel was constructed there in 1935, hosting Czechs visiting the under-the-radar town since the 1920’s.

Today, marinas come to this sea-port town, which remains small enough to keep its country town environment unique, but big enough to accommodate visitors who enjoy outdoor sports. The city is nestled in an embedded bay off the coast. Since 1920, it has continued to be a hotspot for nautical tourism. There are multiple beaches to take in. The transparent, warm water is safe to swim in, and there are yachts and boats tourists can rent. Visitors can hire a captain to drive them from one island to another. A qualified boater can also hire a yacht and pilot the boat on their own. Festivals occur often across Croatia, particularly in the summer months. Local Biograd festivals are entertaining and enlighten visitors about the vast cultural history of this special holiday destination. On the waterfront, you’ll find plenty of restaurants that serve conventional cuisine, delicious local wines, and exquisite fresh fish. Cafes and more restaurants serve local meals, and there is a fun nightlife scene for those who love to dance and listen to live music. Go back to a different era and visit Biograd in Croatia. You’ll love it enough to return every year.

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